My Plant Based Journey


Where to begin?  First of all, like many of you, I am not a professional blogger, chef, or nutritionist.  With that out of the way, I can tell you what I am and what I do.  I am a happy wife and proud mother of 3 beautiful, crazy girls.  I am passionate about teaching them healthy habits around food, body image, and plant based living.  I have been teaching group fitness for 10 years, and yoga for 5 years.  I love moving my body and being as strong as possible - haven't you heard? - Strong is the new skinny!  I have a master's of medical science and practiced medicine as a Physician Assistant.  I earned a certificate from eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in plant based nutrition and am currently working through Rouxbe Cooking School's Professional Plant Based Certification cooking course.  By the end of 2017 I will complete Precision Nutrition Certification - Level 1, as well as Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach Certification Program. Whew!

Also like many of you, I have struggled with my eating.  I have obsessed about food, craved food, and deprived my body of food.  I have sought counseling for disordered eating.  I have tried many different eating plans, calorie counters, and food trackers.  About 5 years ago I participated in a 21 day "cleanse" which asked me to remove 5 common inflammatory foods from my diet.  One of these items was animal products.  I abstained from fish, fowl, beef, pork, eggs, and dairy.  I also avoided alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and gluten.

Here's the thing, it wasn't easy.  In fact it was really, really hard.  I thought, "is this just another fad diet that will leave me feeling defeated and depressed?"  I took one day at at time; some days were better than others.  But by the end of the 21 days, I felt lighter, and brighter.  I slept better.  I had more energy.  Once the 3 weeks were over, I began to incorporate some of the alleged offenders back into my diet (who doesn't love their morning coffee or  the occasional sweet??).  But I had NO desire to eat meat again.  I didn't crave it, didn't miss it, didn't want it, period.  I have been plant based ever since and continue to feel great. I began to realize that I had stumbled across something profound and something that made sense.  So I researched and read more and more about living a plant based life.  Not only is it extremely beneficial to health, but it's kinder to the environment as well as to animals.  More on all of that later.

Why start a website and blog now?  This stuff is just too good to keep to myself.  I find myself thinking about it and wanting to talk about it all the time!  I am constantly talking my husband's ear off and sending him articles about the benefits of a plant based life.  I make many nutritious, delicious plant based meals and share pictures of them and the recipes with my friends on social media.  I get asked questions frequently about eating plant based and happily share my thoughts.

I finally realized that I want to turn this passion into a career and help people eat their way to healthier lives.  So this is my very first blog post, ever.  (Insert, happy, excited, scared emoji).  My head is spinning with ideas for more posts and I can't wait to get started on them.  I sincerely hope you feel as though you've gotten to know me a bit better today. Please leave a comment or a question below; I'd love to get to know you too!

Eat more plants!


8 thoughts on “My Plant Based Journey”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and journey so far! I am so excited to learn more and hear more of your thoughts. As you know, I have also struggled for years with dieting, food issues and all sorts! For about 2 months I have also turned towards MOSTLY a plant based lifestyle. It’s amazing to feel better, perform better and reduce inflammation. I would have never thought this would have played such a major part in the way I feel.

    So excited for more of your blog posts!!

    1. Thanks Crystal! It’s great to hear how plant based nutrition is helping you feel so great. I love that you brought up inflammation; it’s so important to know what is causing it in our bodies and how to help reduce it. A plant based lifestyle can do just that!

  2. Sara,

    Loved reading about you and your discoveries of how great one can feel eating a plant based diet! I’d like to incorporate more vegetables and beans in my diet, but I’ve always felt rather incompetent in the kitchen. How do I make it delicious? How do I prepare it? Is it enough protein?
    It’s really exciting to have found your blog! I’m ready to learn!

    1. Thanks for the reply Mary! You are far from incompetent. Stay tuned because my next post is all about “enough” protein on a plant based diet. You’ll want to read that one:) I will also be adding recipes and ideas but for now, try this: for a quick lunch, heat up some black beans, mash about half of them and leave the rest whole. Mix them with your favorite salsa, or pico and put them in a warm corn tortilla – feel free to add some sliced bell pepper (or any veggie) and a few spinach leaves. It can be that easy! Also, check out my post “Change”; there’s a quick recipe for a smoothie that will get you at least two servings of leafy greens in one shot!:)

  3. This is awesome, Sara!
    Thanks for sharing your passion and expertise for plant based living. I’m definitely more mindful of the foods I choose to put into my grocery cart now compared to just a few years ago; my conversations with you are a big reason for the shift. Who knows, some day I may even convert to a plant based lifestyle.

    1. Thanks for reading Laura. So great that you are food conscious! Please let me know if you ever have any questions; I’m here to help:)

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